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The Purpose of Framing

  Welcome to my new blog! I'm aiming to update this a couple of times a month with projects I'm working on and thoughts I'm having about art, framing and maybe just general things.

  I thought I'd start by talking about what I think the point of good framing is. Someone asked me recently if using  a nice frame detracts from actually looking at the picture. I kind of get what he meant,  there's a danger that if the frame is too eye catching then your looking at the frame instead of the artwork. 

  And I think this is why I like making hand crafted frames from wood. There's something simple and classic about using wood. It doesn't detract from, but enhances what your framing. In general, I like to go for unfussy designs anyway and I'm always aiming to complement rather than make a statement. 

  But I think the most important thing about framing is that it says something about you. The things we put on our walls generally reflect things about us, whether thats photos of family, your favourite artwork, or even objects that bring back memories (I've framed some unusual things before, including a pair of shoes!). If somethings important to you I think it's worth framing nicely, not just in a bog standard frame.  The image I've included is a set of pictures of my son at the beach that I gave to my partner last Christmas, which I think demonstrates my point!