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Beatnik Logo

beat•nik Pronunciation: \bēt-nik\ Function: noun :a social movement which stressed artistic self-expression

Beatnik Framing is the work of myself, Peter Hamilton. I am a fine arts graduate and passionate about good design. Beatnik Framing grew out of a disatisfaction with manufactured frames and a conviction that handmade products provide more lasting enjoyment.


Everything at Beatnik Framing is made with care and pride. I believe in making unique products that will look good in every home. As I have an arts background I believe I have a good eye for what looks good.


Beatnik Framing is based on 20 Devonshire Rd. I have a workshop and display room on site where various frame corner samples and mounting options can be viewed. If you have anything that needs framing please come for a free consultation. I love what I do, I hope you will too!